Reasons Why You Need Infrared Building Inspection and Its Benefits

As the saying goes, “There is more than meets the eye.” This adage is a perfect way of explaining why you need to have a building inspection Gardenvale done before you purchase it. What your eyes can see including those beautifully painted walls, perfectly designed rooms, and exquisite architectural style are all external perfections that will convince you in your decision to purchase the property. However, it is important to see beyond the outer beauty to see if the house is in top condition or not, which is where the infrared building inspection comes to play.

The infrared home inspection is a useful service would-be buyers will have to consider for them to know the actual condition of the property they are interested in buying. It is a thermal imaging that uses infrared as an advanced non-destructive method that will aid the building inspector to locate issues that one cannot see when using conventional inspection methods. It is a notch higher in quality and capacity. Of course, one cannot see beyond the exterior walls, but with the use of infrared technology, the inspector will be able to detect leaks, moisture, thermal change and even the presence of termites and other destructive house bugs.

Without a doubt, this type of building inspection is exceedingly important, especially because of the different climate changes and seasonal conditions in the different states or regions throughout the country. Other than the prospective buyers, sellers and property managers can also take advantage of this type of inspection. With this, sellers will know the problems of their property that they have to get fixed before putting it up for sale. For property managers, they can use this building inspection method for preventative purposes while the building is still under construction. The building inspector will be able to help out concerning structural design issues, storm water, and electrical concerns.

Enumerated below are a few of the significant problems that can be detected using this building inspection method:


* Faulty wiring that can cause fires

* Inadequacy of circuit breakers that are in need replacement

* Loss of energy

Walls, ceilings, floors, doors and windows

* Insulation whether they are missing, damaged or wet

* Loss of heat and infiltration of air in between walls or ceilings

* Presence of moisture that can cause mould

* Pest infestation like rodents and termites


* A leaky roof and leaky water pipe

* Plumbing leaks

There are a lot more issues that an infrared building inspection can detect. Indeed, one cannot do anything without this piece of technology. If you are set on buying your dream house, be sure to hire a reliable building inspection Gardenvale company to check it out for you.